For hosting providers

Deliver AWS-like services on your existing infrastructure
and boost your revenue

Expand your offer with hundreds of applications (DB, CMS, CRM, Run-time environment and more) that your customers can launch with a single click. All white-labeled under your brand and on your servers.

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Get your own branded
application store

Select the apps you want to add to your portfolio and start selling.
Attract a new segment of customers and maximize the capacity of your infrastructure.

Beat Public Clouds
with your offers

With, you can beat the competition from public clouds like AWS, Azure, and GCP
by offering not just VPS hosting, but also hosting for these open source services and pricing them competitively.

Pricing comparision

Average VPS
Heroku Postgres
(Private 2)
Heroku Kafka
(Private 0)
200 GB Storage
256 GB Storage
150 GB Storage
73 USD635 USD1,986 USD
Additional profit+562 USD+1,917 USD
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Partnership at no cost

There are no monthly fees or any other fixed fees. You only need to integrate your systems with the Nomodo API. This integration grants you the ability to offer and deploy applications.

You will handle distribution, while Nomodo takes care of the app store and all technical updates. Together, we will share the profits from hosting the apps. It’s a win-win-win situation for everyone involved.

How it works

Simplified Integration for hosting providers — partners

  1. Portfolio Expansion Decide which apps you want to feature and enhance your service offerings.
  2. Reach Out Contact us for a seamless collaboration experience.
  3. Integration Choices Whether it’s through our API or PROXMOX integration, we ensure a smooth setup process.

A Hassle-Free Experience for your clients — end users

  1. Browse apps Select from an extensive list of databases, load balancers, monitoring tools, CMS, CRM, and more.
  2. Deploy With just one click, have your chosen app ready and fully configured.
  3. Use Dive right in! Access the app via the web interface or integrate it into your workflow using connection strings.
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