Ready-made Grav CMS in one-click

You can start working immediately with just one click on the run button to access a complete version of Grav CMS. No credit card, or hosting is necessary.

Introducing the seamless way to launch Grav CMS! We are thrilled to announce that now offers a one‑click solution for setting up and running Grav CMS. Experience the power and simplicity of Grav without any hassle.

Grav CMS is a modern and flexible content management system that allows you to create and manage websites effortlessly. With its flat-file architecture, Grav offers fast performance and easy customization options.

And now, with, launching your Grav CMS instance is easier than ever. No need to worry about payment details, or hosting. We've got you covered! With a single click, you'll have a fully configured Grav CMS instance ready.

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Jaroslav Vrana

Partnership, CC. As a Senior Frontend Developer, I understand the struggles of fellow developers and pride myself that I can effectively help save time and frustration with deployments.

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