Hackaton in Mallorca

Oh, yes! Mallorca is the perfect destination for holidays and (remote) work. Why? Because two weeks of work combined with an easy lifestyle flew by, leaving a massive amount of work, tan and vibrant memories. Some people broke their personal scores in the running, others humbled themselves -- running for the first time :D Others scraped knees from swimming in the sea -- Playa S' Arenal has beautiful white sandy beaches where the water is knee-deep in 50 meters :-)

How did we manage work and quality free time? Easily, we prepared a set of tickets before we left. Most days went the same way. In the morning, in the golden hour, we went jogging, swimming or just sleeping :-) After breakfast, we work or study. Mostly around 4 p.m., we were looking for a new restaurant for lunch. On the way back, we bought some groceries and wine. Of course, we found time for swimming and lounging on the beach or make tours to historical parts of the city. Evenings were mainly dedicated to concentration on work and cooperation. Extreme dedication must be adequately supported and rewarded -- local bottles of wine with a price tag under 2 EUR shown as the best way.

Finding small restaurants and cafes where the locals usually go to lunch or snacks was a source of amusement. One day sitting on the silent street in a restaurant, another day crowded by locals in such noise. You don't understand a word, just sense that everything is OK and they are happy.

What did we get? We gave ourselves time out from everyday life to focus on work, study, and fun. We were able to gain new knowledge from each other beyond our specializations and have a wonderful time together. We were able to move the platform and front-end to the next level. We also moved forward humanly during the nightly discussions.

The outcome from the startup perspective: We finished all high and moderate priority tasks that we planned. Some minor tasks left, e. g. this blog post, that I'm writing in a plane ;-)

Jaroslav Vrana

Partnership, CC. As a Senior Frontend Developer, I understand the struggles of fellow developers and pride myself that I can effectively help save time and frustration with deployments.

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