Startup Fast and Comfy

We’re just a bunch of software engineers that have faced a technological issue so interesting to us that we decided to overcome it and solve it. We’ve found a need and consequently realized that the current market doesn’t offer a satisfiable solution.

We began sharing our ideas regarding this cool service during our first hackathon and immediately started developing the very first version of our product which we wanted to offer to other people as soon as possible, enabling them to do what they like in a more comfortable and fun way — do it fast and comfy.

We were able to generalize the problem as we worked on it, identifying enormous potential which came from our initial idea.

Then it hit us. We have realized that through our initial idea and its fulfillment we have come to the revolutionary change in the way services are provided and hosted. Our ambition has shifted.

Vision, Global Ambition

Our aim is to connect any device with a CPU or a storage into one computer with supernatural powers which will be accessible for anyone. Let anyone run or host any application they desire outside of their computer.

Our aim is to let anyone who owns a cell phone, a game console, or of course any kind of PC to be a provider for anyone else across the whole world.

Our aim is for anyone with a no matter how crazy idea to have the biggest and the most efficient computer at the tips of their fingers which will help them in the execution.

Our aim is for everyone with a cell phone on to be able to offer its performance to anyone else.

We aim to change the world, and to do it Fast & Comfy.

Fast & Comfy is a Team

We’re a group of enthusiasts which technology and innovation brings together.

In Fast & Comfy, we follow up on our collaboration from the past, when we developed an e‑commerce platform together. Many of our skills and experience from those days were the starting point for founding Fast & Comfy.

We’re a team with a vision and vigor. Everyone knows something. We have plenty of knowledge and experience which facilitate our journey. We want to learn and develop ourselves further. We see opportunity in every problem and its solving drives us forward.

We’re friends. We respect the same values. We work and communicate efficiently with each other thanks to our shared past.

We are a team and we want to set the world alight.

Josef Podany

CEO & CTO. Focused in scalable, performance-driven network applications in Go, NodeJS and Python using distributed cloud systems.

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