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Massively expand your portfolio of open-source applications and attract new clients.

  • 80+ open source applications available.
  • Seamless integration with websites and systems.
  • Application bundles and custom templates on demand.
  • Monitoring and billing per service or per defined group.
  • Fully scalable and high performance.
  • Multiple application versions.
  • Backups with fast recovery.
  • White-label and PaaS.
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Beat Public Clouds

With, you can beat the competition from public clouds like AWS, Azure, and GCP by offering not just VPS hosting, but also hosting for these open source services and pricing them competitively.

Pricing comparision

Average VPS
Heroku Postgres
(Private 2)
Heroku Kafka
(Private 0)
200 GB Storage
256 GB Storage
150 GB Storage
73 USD635 USD1,986 USD

White-label ready

At, we are committed to helping businesses grow and thrive. We have a set of fully customisable web components and API. We offer a white-label solution for our platform, allowing other companies to rebrand and sell our service as their own.

Compose your portfolio

Select the apps you want to add to your portfolio and contact us.
We’ll take care of the technical stuff.

Apache Superset Metabase Matomo Plausible Analytics Apache Druid PostHog Snowplow Appwrite Botpress Jitsi meet Strapi Ghost Directus WordPress Wagtail Grav October CMS django CMS Payload CMS Keystone Webiny Cockpit Redash MySQL MongoDB Supabase ScyllaDB MariaDB Prometheus Redis Apache Kafka Pocketbase Flyway PrestaShop AppFlowy Logseq Wiki.js Outline TiddlyWiki DokuWiki MediaWiki RabbitMQ Rasa Open Source Sentry Uptime Kuma SymPy Meilisearch Lenster Rocket.Chat Mastodon Hugo Next.js Gatsby Jekyll Nuxt Docusaurus Hexo Slate GitBook Astro Docsify VuePress UmiJS Pelican Gridsome Middleman Brunch VitePress Publish Octopress Grafana NocoDB Discourse Nextcloud Syncthing Minio Home Assistant SRS revealjs Joplin PhotoPrism Traefik Odoo Hasura Hoppscotch Kong LocalStack OpenFaaS Appsmith Gitea Gogs Olric Dgraph MaxScale CouchDB Parse Graylog and much more…

See it in action.

Discover how you can effortlessly launch web services with customizable visual components such as sorting and filtering to ensure a seamless integration experience.

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Run your server

Apache Kafka
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